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Marathwada Mitra Mandal's

Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune

उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि | Accomplishments are made by efforts

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Approved by Bar Council of India, Recognised by Government of Maharashtra &
Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India (NAAC)


The Training and Placement Cell play a pivotal role in shaping the future and success of students and graduates. The Cell contributes to the development of its students in the following ways;

1. Facilitating Transition to Professional Life

Placement Cells assist students in transitioning from an academic environment to a professional work setting. They provide a platform for students to interact with potential employers, understand job roles, and acquire necessary skills for their chosen career paths.

2. Career Counseling and Guidance

Career Guidance helps individuals identify their interests, skills, and strengths. Professionals in this field provide personalized advice and suggestions, helping students make informed career decisions aligned with their capabilities and aspirations.

3. Skill Enhancement and Training

Placement Cells offer training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance the employability of students. These initiatives cover various aspects such as resume building, interview techniques, soft skills, communication skills, and industry-specific knowledge.

4. Industry Insights and Exposure

Career Guidance facilitates industry exposure by organizing industrial visits, internships, and interactions with professionals. This exposure gives students a glimpse of real-world work environments, enabling them to align their expectations and skills accordingly.

5. Networking Opportunities:

Placement Cells create networking opportunities for students by organizing career fairs, by participating in alumni meet, and networking events. These platforms enable students to connect with professionals, potential employers, and alumni, broadening their professional network.

6. Matching Talent with Opportunities

Placement Cells act as intermediaries between students and recruiters, ensuring a suitable match between job requirements and candidate profiles. They strive to maximize job placements by understanding both the needs of the industry and the capabilities of the students.

7. Lifelong Learning and Development

Career Guidance offers continuous learning opportunities and keeps individuals informed about advancements in their respective fields. This supports ongoing professional development and adaptability to changing industry demands.

8. Personalized Career Plans

Career counselors work with individuals to develop personalized career plans. These plans encompass short-term and long-term goals, helping students stay focused and motivated throughout their academic and professional journey.

9. Boosting Confidence and Self-Esteem

Career guidance helps students build confidence by aligning their interests and skills with suitable career paths. This confidence positively impacts their job search, interviews, and overall performance in the workplace.

10. Enhancing Employability and Marketability

PThrough training and guidance, Placement Cells enhance the employability and marketability of students. They equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to stand out in a competitive job market. In summary, the Placement Cell works to bridge the gap between education and employment, empowering students to make informed career choices and facilitating their successful integration into the professional world and with this aim the Training and Placement cell functions each year with much hope and vigor.

The Pathways

Rules & Regulations

  • Students who are interested in enrolling for the internship programs and Final Placement during the current ongoing academic year should register themselves with the Training & Placement Cell as per the schedule notified from time to time through notices of the college.
  • The eligibility criteria for applying for internship programs and Final Placement are as follows:
    • Good academic record of the student;
    • Regular attendance in lectures;
    • Participation in training / Guest Lectures, workshop conducted by the Training & Placement cell.
  • In addition to above eligibility criteria, students who wish to apply for final placements have to fulfill additional qualifications as mentioned in the Placement Policy & Guidelines.
  • It is mandatory for the student to attend 75 % of general monthly meetings arranged by the Training & Placement Cell in an academic year.
  • If any student is found guilty of misconduct of any kind during their internship and otherwise, a strict disciplinary action would be taken against him/her and can be debarred from the Training & Placement Cell.
  • Once a Student is selected for internship, it is mandatory for him/her to join that organization.  Students are expected to do their internship sincerely.  Without notifying or without the prior permission from the Training & Placement Cell, students at their own discretion cannot discontinue or change the date or place of the internship provided by the Training & Placement Cell. Acts like this would be considered as misconduct and disciplinary action would be taken against the student.
  • Any concern regarding the internship or final placement should be immediately brought to the notice of the Faculty Advisor or the Training & Placement Officer in writing.
  • After completing their internship, the students must submit the photocopy of their internship certificate with the Training & Placement Cell. If during the period of internship, the intern is offered final placement from the same organization where he is interning, he has to submit the offer letter to the Training & Placement Cell.
  • The decisions on any non-disciplinary acts would be taken by the Principal and by the Members of the Training & Placement Cell which will be final and binding on the students.
  • The Training & Placement Cell reserves all rights with respect to working of the Cell.
  • All communication with the Training & Placement Cell shall be done through official communication channel established by the Training & Placement Cell. Students are requested to provide accurate phone no & email Id to the Cell. In case of any change, it should be intimated as soon as possible. Also students are requested to check their mails frequently.
  • In case of regular defaults in attending the activities of the Training & Placement Cell, student shall be declared as defaulter and after due notice, he or she shall be debarred from all the activities of the Cell for the remaining academic year.

Training and Development

In order to enlighten students, the Cell conducts Guest lectures addressing various topics throughout the whole academic year-

Along with empowering students with this diverse knowledge, the Cell focuses on their skill development as well. Following skill development initiatives are successfully implemented and will be completed by the Cell in the whole academic year-


  • Lex Care Global
  • Shreeyash Associates, Pune
  • Reliance Industries, Mumbai
  • Lex Rem, Pune
  • Mitr Clinic, Pune
  • Nineteen Two LLP
  • CNS Juris
  • Legasis
  • Overseas Education Consultancy Limited.
  • Js Wad & Co.
  • Amikus Qriae
  • Adv. Kapleshwari, Pune
  • Adv. Girish Dange, Pune
  • Ip Assisto
  • The Competition Commission Of India, Delhi
  • The National Green Tribunal, Delhi
  • The National Human Rights Commission, Delhi
  • Registrar Of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Pune.


Rucha Kulkarni 3rd LLB Shreeyash Associates
Srushti Rokade 4th BA.LLB Lex Care Global
Vaidehi Vaidya 4th BA.LLB Lex Care Global
Atharva Vaidya 3rd LLB Reliance Industries
Bhargavi Kulkarni 3rd LLB Reliance Industries
Chinmayee Kulkarni 4th BA.LLB LexRem
Shravani Gujar 4th BA.LLB LexRem
Basil Jaison 5th BA.LLB Justice Abhay Oak, SC
Palavi Joshi 4th BA.LLB OECS
Piyush Shetty 1st BA.LLB Mitr Clinic
Saanvi Sai 3rd BA.LLB Mitr Clinic
Pranjal Kakani 3rd BA.LLB Mitr Clinic
Bhavna K R 1st BA.LLB Mitr Clinic
Janhvi Bhandarkar 1st BA.LLB Mitr Clinic
Ayushmaan Bhatt 3rd LLB ROC, MCA
Aditi 3rd BA.LLB ROC, MCA
Mrunal Joshi 3rd LLB ROC, MCA
Srushti Vohra 4th BA.LLB CNS JURIS
Nishita Karwa 3rd BA.LLB CNS JURIS
Meera Dabke 5th BA.LLB Legasis
Aparna Kulkarni 3rd LLB Legasis
Deepali Jain 4th BA.LLB Legasis
Abhishek Chati 3rd LLB Legasis
Komal Sharma 3rd BA.LLB Legasis
Rohan Shelke 4th BA LLB Legasis
Chinmayee Kulkarni 4th BA LLB Legasis
Himanshi Shrivastava 5th BA.LLB Lex Care Global
Atharva Yadav 1st BBA LLB OECS
Rohan Sharma 1st BBA LLB OECS

Compulsory Internships




Name of the Resource Person Topic Date No. of students Attended
Ms. Shweta Goswami Soft Skills & Personality Development 12.11.2022 10
Adv. Swaroop Godbole Managing Litigation Practices for New Lawyers 13.01.2023 120
Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat Paving the way into the Legal Corporate World 27.02.2023 84
Brig. Sunil Bodhe Opportunities for Law Graduates in the Armed Forces 8.02.2023 127
Col. Sunjoy Kaushal Interview Techniques and Preparation by Candidates 20.02.2023 75
Adv. Shreedhar Parundekar How to begin a Successful Career in Law 6.05.2023 40

In house Training & Orientation Programs

The Placement Cell organized Mock Interviews for the Students on 13 th and 18 th April 2023. Total 28 students participated in this. The objective of the mock interview was to simulate a real interview scenario and provide students with a hands-on experience to enhance their interview skills and confidence. The primary goals of the mock interview were to help students develop and improve their interview skills, including effective communication, articulation of thoughts, and professional presentation. It provided a platform for students to practice and refine their interview techniques. The mock interview allowed students to assess their performance objectively. It helped them identify their strengths and areas that need improvement, such as body language, response clarity, or confidence level. This self-assessment enabled students to focus on specific areas and work on enhancing their overall interview performance. The mock interview provided students with constructive feedback and guidance from experienced professionals. Overall, the objective of the mock interview was to equip students with practical interview experience, self-assessment opportunities, and constructive feedback, ultimately enhancing their interview skills and increasing their chances of success in real-life interviews.



The collaboration between MMMSCLC and NTC is a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing legal education and fostering a symbiotic relationship between academia and legal practitioners. By promoting academic and professional exchange programs, conducting joint workshops and seminars, encouraging research collaborations, exploring internship and job opportunities, and engaging NTC practitioners in guest lectures and mentoring programs, both institutions seek to provide students with practical exposure, enhance legal knowledge and skills, and contribute to the development of well-rounded legal professionals. With a commitment to confidentiality, clear termination clauses, and adherence to financial arrangements, this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) underscores the dedication of both parties to mutual growth and academic excellence in the legal field, setting a precedent for effective collaboration in the pursuit of educational and professional goals.

Under this collaborative agreement various activities aimed at enhancing students' skills and knowledge in the legal field have been successfully conducted. These activities include academic and professional exchange programs where students have gained practical exposure through internships and real-world experiences at NTC, while professionals have contributed to academic activities at MMMSCLC. Additionally, joint workshops, seminars, and training sessions have been organized, focusing on pertinent legal topics of mutual interest, thereby enriching students' understanding and skills. Through these collaborative efforts, students have been empowered with a holistic education that prepares them for successful careers in the legal field.


In a parallel collaboration with AV Legal Counsels, a prominent law firm, MMMSCLC has facilitated numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing students' legal education and professional development. Through structured academic and professional exchange programs, students have gained invaluable practical experience within the legal industry, while AV Legal Counsels' experts have contributed their insights to academic discourse at MMMSCLC. Jointly organized workshops, seminars, and training sessions have deepened students' understanding of various legal subjects, equipping them with practical skills essential for their future careers. Collaborative research endeavors between faculty members from both institutions have yielded scholarly publications, enriching the academic landscape. Furthermore, internship and job opportunities provided by AV Legal Counsels have enabled MMMSCLC students to apply their legal knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering a seamless transition into the professional sphere. Guest lectures and mentoring programs conducted by AV Legal Counsels professionals have provided students with invaluable industry insights and guidance, augmenting their learning experience. Through this dynamic collaboration, MMMSCLC and AV Legal Counsels have successfully nurtured the next generation of legal professionals, enriching their educational journey and preparing them for the demands of the legal profession.


I am writing to express my utmost gratitude and delight regarding my experience with the placement process at our esteemed institution. The placement cell has been instrumental in providing numerous internship and job opportunities, enhancing my journey as a student. The support and guidance from the teachers and the placement cell In-charge have been invaluable, as they were always available and willing to assist me whenever needed. I am particularly thrilled about the job placement I secured through the efforts of the placement cell. This opportunity is a testament to the dedication and efficiency of the placement team. Once again, I extend my sincere thanks to the college and the placement cell for making this possible and for being a vital part of my professional growth. Thank you for everything.

Sumedha Vikas Parkhi


My name is Aakanksha Ramteke. I have completed my LL. B and Diploma in Taxation course from MMM's Shankarrao Chavan Law College. I am thankful to all my teachers and every single mentor who helped me to achieve my goals. I would personally like to pay my gratitude towards Placement Cell Coordinator Pooja Baghel for supporting and providing opportunities to learn interview skills, communication skills and guiding me in placements. The Placement Cell has provided with ample opportunities and intimidated prior enough notice regarding every placement drive.Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I have a lifetime of good memories. Regards,

Aakanksha Ramteke


My name is vasundhara Vanarase , I have just completed my LL.B course from SCLC . For me studying in SCLC has been a very pleasant experience . It gives me immense pleasure to be a student of such an amazing collage which gave my multiple opportunities to shape my career. I'm extremely thankful to our placement cell coordinator Pooja ma'am for providing me with valuable guidance, because of which I got my first job before appearing for my final exam. Pooja ma'am also conducted grooming sessions in which she helped us prepare for the upcoming interviews .These grooming sessions were conducted in order to brush up our communication skills and overall performance in the interview. I'm very thankful to the placement cell and all the teachings faculties of SCLC .I forever wish to be a part of SCLC family and I assure that I & ll make the best use of all these opportunities. Regards,

Vasundhara Vanarase.


I am writing this email to share my feedback on the placement process that I participated in through your cell. I am very grateful for the opportunity you have provided me to be placed in a reputed law firm. I was very satisfied with the information provided by the placement cell. The placement cell regularly updated me about upcoming placement opportunities and internship programs. The pre-placement workshops were very helpful in enhancing my employability skills. The workshops covered various topics such as resume writing, interview skills technical skills, etc. The Placement Cell provided sufficient guidance in resume building and interview preparation. The Placement Cell reviewed my resume and suggested improvements. The Placement Cell also conducted mock interviews and group discussions to help me prepare for the actual interviews. I would rate the organization and management of the placement process as excellent. The placement process was well-planned and executed smoothly. The Placement Cell coordinated with the companies and efficiently arranged the interviews, written tests, and other rounds. The Placement Cell also communicated with me regularly and informed me about the status of my application. I was well-informed about the companies visiting the campus and the job profiles they offered. The Placement Cell provided me with detailed information about the companies. The Placement Cell coordinators were very supportive and approachable during the placement process. They were always available to answer my queries and doubts. They also motivated me and encouraged me throughout the process. They were friendly, professional, and courteous. I think some of the aspects of the Placement Cell that are its strengths are: - Its network with reputed companies and organizations - Its proactive approach to providing information and guidance - It's quality of training and mentoring - Its dedication and commitment to helping students get placed I would like the Placement Cell to introduce some additional services or activities such as: Alumni network or mentorship program to connect students with former students who are working in different fields. I would like to thank the college Placement Cell for all their hard work and dedication in helping me get placed. I appreciate their efforts and support. Thank you

Trupti Gaikwad


My name is Gaurav Ware, and I am an LLB student who has recently secured a placement opportunity at Shreeyash and Associates. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the comprehensive preparation and assistance provided by the Placement Cell. The pre- placement workshops and seminars were instrumental in honing our employability skills, encompassing communication, aptitude, and technical expertise. These initiatives played a pivotal role in preparing us for the competitive job market, enhancing our confidence, and ultimately contributing to our overall employability. The guidance offered by the Placement Cell in resume building and interview preparation was exceptional. Crafting an impressive resume and undergoing thorough mock interview sessions are critical aspects of securing a job opportunity. The support and expertise provided by the Placement Cell significantly benefited me in my job search and prepared me well for the recruitment process. Additionally, the transparency exhibited by the Placement Cell in sharing details about the visiting companies and the job profiles they offered was highly commendable. Being well-informed about potential employers and available job profiles empowered us to make informed decisions and tailor our applications accordingly. In conclusion, the Placement Cell has exhibited remarkable dedication and efficiency in preparing students for placements and offering invaluable support throughout the process. The resources and guidance provided by the Placement Cell are indispensable, enabling students to enhance their employability and increase their prospects of securing desirable job opportunities. I extend my special thanks to the Principal of MM SCLC, Kranti Deshmukh Ma'am, Pooja Ma'am, Manisha Shinde Ma'am, and the entire Placement Cell team for their relentless efforts and unwavering support. Thank you once again for everything.

Gaurav Ware


Dear Ma'am, The college placement cell had been working throughout the year to provide best possible opportunities to the students. One such was provided to me as a legal trainee at Reliance Industries. The efforts Prof Pooja Baghel ma'am has been putting are tremendous. This is my personal experience wherein ma'am has not only provided me with a life changing opportunity, but facilitated in all possible for any inconveniences and helped resolve them. Along with that the teaching staff has also been very supportive and always encouraged me to excel. I am very grateful to the college for all the opportunities provided. Regards,

Bhargavi Kulkarni


I am delighted to express my heartfelt gratitude to the college placement cell for their support and guidance throughout my journey towards securing a promising career. The Placement cell conducted a Series of well- organised workshops, Seminars that effectively groomed us. These sessions not only enhanced our technical knowledge but also sharpened our soft skills, which played curial role during the job interview. The resume-building workshop and Mock Interview session were helpful to boost our confidence and improving our presentation skills. I would like to extend my special thanks to Prof. Pooja Baghel ma’am for being an incredible mentor and support system throughout the process. Your approachability and willingness to address our concerns made the whole experience much smoother and less daunting. I am grateful for having secured a job in A.V. Legal Counsel, Pune. The office buzzes with positive energy and a sense of purpose. Colleagues work together as a cohesive team, sharing ideas and supporting one another's growth. There is a culture of open communication and transparency, where every team member's input is valued and respected, irrespective of their position. Thank You, Shankarrao Chavan Law College Placement Cell, for giving me an opportunity to work with such great Firm.

Neha Narottam Kelkar


I was extremely satisfied with the information provided about upcoming placement opportunities and internship programs. The Placement Cell consistently communicated with us through various channels, such as emails, notice boards, and online platforms, ensuring that we were well- informed about all the available opportunities. The pre-placement workshops and seminars were immensely helpful in enhancing my employability skills. The workshops covered a wide range of topics, including communication, aptitude, and technical skills. They not only improved my confidence but also provided valuable insights into what employers look for in candidates. The Placement Cell provided excellent guidance in resume building and interview preparation. The coordinators took the time to review and provide personalized feedback on our resumes, helping us showcase our strengths effectively. Moreover, mock interview sessions were conducted, which significantly boosted my interview performance. I would rate the organization and management of the placement process as outstanding. Everything was well-structured and streamlined, from registering for placements to the actual interview days. The Placement Cell team deserves praise for their efficient handling of the entire process. We were well-informed about the companies visiting the campus and the job profiles they offered. The Placement Cell shared comprehensive information about each company, including their profiles, work culture, and recruitment criteria. This transparency allowed us to make informed decisions about our career choices. The Placement Cell coordinators were incredibly supportive and approachable throughout the placement process. They were always available to address our queries, offer guidance, and calm our nerves before interviews. Their dedication and encouragement played a vital role in our success. The strengths of the Placement Cell lie in their proactive approach to bringing diverse Companies and Law Firms for placements, their commitment to student success, and the personalized support they offer. These aspects should undoubtedly be continued and further enhanced. While the Placement Cell has been doing a remarkable job, there is always room for improvement. One area that could be improved is conducting more industry-specific workshops and webinars to cater to the unique needs of different career paths. Additionally, incorporating feedback sessions with recently placed alumni could offer valuable insights for future improvements. It would be beneficial if the Placement Cell could introduce networking events with alumni and professionals from various fields. Such events would help students establish meaningful connections and gain practical insights into the legal profession beyond placements. I am incredibly grateful for the efforts of the college Placement Cell. However, I suggest they continue to explore collaborations with international law firms and organizations to expand global placement opportunities for students. Overall, the Placement Cell has been an instrumental pillar of support during my time at the college, and I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and hard work.

Pratiksha Pravin Barve


Contact Information

Add: 202/A, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune-411004.
Faculty Coordinator:
Asst. Prof. Pooja Baghel
(Mob. No. +91-9673335372)

Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Manisha Shinde
Mob. No. +91–9923428182

Faculty Coordinator:
Dr. Sudhir Tarote
Mob. No. +91-9822127888



Placement Policy and Guidelines


The Training & Placement Cell at SCLC has devised the following guidelines to streamline the recruitment process and ensure maximum flexibility for Recruiters/prospective Recruiters. The recruitment process can be outlined in several steps.

Step One: Preparing for Interaction
  • Recruiters are encouraged to engage in Pre-Placement Talks (PPT) with interested students at the College, providing essential details about the organization's profile, career prospects, compensation packages, and more.
Step Two: Candidate Screening Process
  • Recruiters have the autonomy to establish their own screening process to shortlist candidates.
  • If a Recruiter does not have a specific screening process, the Training & Placement Cell will forward the Curriculum Vitae of all interested students to the Recruiter.
Step Three: Finalizing Interviews
  • The Recruiter will compile a Final Interview List after the Pre-Interview Screening Process, sharing it with the Cell at least 48 hours before the interview, including a list of Waitlisted Candidates.
  • If an Applicant selected in the Final Interview List is unavailable, the Recruiter may choose to interview Waitlisted Candidates, if deemed appropriate.
  • In the absence of a specified Pre-Interview Screening procedure, the list of interested students automatically becomes the Final Interview List.
Step Four: Offer Disclosures
  • Results will be simultaneously declared by the Cell at the end of the day to maintain fairness.
  • Recruiters are required to share the results of their Final Interviews and any offers made to Applicants solely through the Cell, ensuring confidentiality.
  • Recruiters are encouraged to disclose a Waitlist along with final offers. If overlapping offers occur, Waitlisted Candidates will be considered for a final offer from the Recruiter, as appropriate.
  • All offers made by the Recruiter will be communicated exclusively by the Cell to the respective Applicants.
  • The Cell will promptly update the Recruiter within 24 hours of receiving the Merit List and the Waitlist.
  • There should be no direct communication between the Recruiter and the Applicant(s) regarding the Offer.
Step Five: Post Placement Updates
  • Recruiters are to promptly inform the Training & Placement Cell about any post-placement issues that may arise following the recruitment process.
  • The Recruiter is required to submit the employer’s feedback as and when needed for compliance purposes at SCLC.
For Students/ Candidates Eligibility:
  • All students interested in securing a Placement at the end of their last semester of the Course must register with the Training & Placement Cell at the beginning of their final year.
  • Students must have-
    • A good academic record
    • Regular attendance in lectures
    • Participation in trainings, guest lectures, and workshops conducted by the Training & Placement Cell
  • Completing at least one internship (offline or online) is mandatory before applying for any final placement opening.
  • Recruitment Drive Process-

    Acceptance of Offer

    • Each student is permitted to apply for a maximum of three job openings until successfully placed.
    • If a student is selected before the declaration of final year results but fails to clear the results for any reason, they will be disqualified from accepting the employment offer.
    • Submitting an application and not participating in subsequent stages of the recruitment process will be considered utilizing one application attempt for that opening.
    • Once a student applies for a job opening by submitting the Google form, they cannot withdraw from the recruitment process without prior written permission. They are required to attend all screenings, orientation sessions by the Training & Placement Cell, and assessment and interview rounds organized by the recruiter without fail.
    • If a student initially opts for relocation during registration with the Training & Placement Cell but later declines an employment offer with relocation, they will be excluded from all further opportunities offered by the Training & Placement Cell.
    • Students must promptly inform the Training & Placement Cell of their acceptance or rejection of an offer within the stipulated timeframe. Failure to communicate their decision will be deemed as rejection, resulting in debarring from all future opportunities offered by the Training & Placement Cell. In the event of rejection, the student will be excluded from further Training & Placement Cell activities.
    • Once a student accepts an offer, they are bound to honor the acceptance. Failure to do so will lead to a lifetime debarment from the Training & Placement Cell.
    • Any misconduct involving the publication of the recruitment drive outside the college will be dealt with rigorously. The individual responsible will face a lifetime debarment from all Training & Placement Cell activities and adverse consequences in terms of internal assessments.


1. CNS JURIS, Pune on May 23rd, 2023

They are amongst the finest & most reputed law firms in Pune, India, focused on providing personalized, specialized and centralized services to its clients in maximum possible geographical locations, for their legal requirements.They practice in the areas of Property & Real Estate Laws, Court Litigation & Dispute Resolution,Corporate Laws & Consultation and Intellectual Property Laws.

2. J SHEKHAR AND ASSOCIATES (Online on May 17 th , 2023)

3. AV LEGAL, Pune on May 29 th , 2023

They are a premier law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions for domestic and international clients. The firm has a reputation as one of the leading law firms in India. Av Legal Counsel solve legal issues with Top Lawyers in Pune. They provide services like Corporate Drafting, Litigation, Consulting and Advisory, Arbitration & Mediation, Notices & Replies, Conveyancing Drafting, Intellectual Property etc. Our Firm focuses on areas including Corporations, Print & Media, Builders & Developers, Manufacturing, IT And ITES, Startups, Hospitality, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Financial Institutions, High Net-Worth Individuals, Associations etc.

4. SHREEYASH ASSOCIATES on June 24 th , 2023

It is a leading real estate corporate firm that specialises in RERA compliance and related legal services. Their team provides expert legal advice and representation to clients in the real estate industry, including developers, builders, investors and home buyers.

Notable Placements since 2021-

Name of Students Name of the Firm or Organization
Mamta Rotangan Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Abha Deshpande Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Aparna Dwivedi Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Shivani Athavale Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Akansha Ghatge Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Aishwarya Bhujbal Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Devyani Deshmukh Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Niharika Ghumaste Cloudmoyo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Amol Ghuge Tata AIG Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Nilambari Purohit NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Gauri Vaidya NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Mrunal Sangole NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Keerti Nair NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Twinkle Mittal NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Rishikesh Tiwari NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Nidhi Shingavi NPCON BPO Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Varun Inamdar Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Ltd., Pune
Harshal Bapat Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Ltd., Pune
Payal Mehta HDFC Ergo Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Priyanka Shukla K. V. Legal Mumbai
Nimrat Kaur EY India, Mumbai
Avijit Jani EY India, Mumbai
Shalini Sharma Adv. Kanbarkar, Pune
Krutuja Gokhale Adv. Kapaleshwari, Pune
Sharda Yeole Adv. Kapaleshwari, Pune
Swapnil Shinde Adv. Kapaleshwari, Pune
Sneha Pawar Adv. Kapaleshwari, Pune
Amruta Tanaji Borge Pratam Finserv Pvt. Ltd
Radhika Chittewar CNS JURIS
Vasundhara Vanarase JShekhar & Associates
Trupti Gaikwad JShekhar & Associates
Aakanksha Ramteke JShekhar & Associates
Neha Kelkar AV LEGAL
Pratiksha Barve AV LEGAL
Rucha Kulkarni Legal Force RAPC Private Limited
Gaurav Ware Shreeyash Associates
Sumedha Parkhi Shreeyash Associates
Latika Durgani E-Commerce Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Noida
Shoumya Singh Radicura Infra Limited
Keshav Godale Namrata Group
Anushita Dubey JS Wad & Co.