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Marathwada Mitra Mandal's

Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune

उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि | Accomplishments are made by efforts

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Approved by Bar Council of India, Recognised by Government of Maharashtra &
Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India (NAAC)

Motto: “Encourage- Empower-Enlighten”

To raise awareness and give the unheard voices a place to belong

Our Commitment:

To sensitize and orient students, faculty and admin staff regarding the zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and violation of dignity of fellow students or other members of the community on the basis of caste, religion, region, disability, gender, sexual orientation and race.


The Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) stands as a pillar of social justice in the institution. It works towards its commitment of creating avenues for students with different needs and the effective implementation of policies and programmes for disadvantaged groups, to provide guidance and counselling with respect to academic, financial, social and other matters and to enhance the diversity within the campus.


  • To ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college and bring about social inclusion.
  • To enhance the diversity among the students, teaching and non-teaching staff population and at the same time eliminates the perception of discrimination.
  • To conduct various lectures and activities so as to encourage students to actively participate and know the importance of social equality.
  • To become an effective tool for gender sensitization and ensure participation in all socially relevant activities of the Universities/ Colleges.
  • To look into the grievances of the weaker section of society and suggest amicable solutions to their problems.
  • To disseminate the information related to schemes and programmes for the welfare of the socially weaker section as well as notifications/memoranda, office orders of the Government, or other related agencies/organizations issued from time to time.
  • To prepare barrier free formalities/procedures for admission/registration of students belonging to the disadvantaged groups of society.
  • To organize periodic meetings to monitor the progress of different schemes.
  • To cater the needs and necessities of differently abled people by providing facilities like accessible washroom, ramp, making the College Website and library resources accessible providing assistive technologies such as screen reader, screen magnifier, reading software and braille embossing technology or software.


  • NGO visit to Navkshitij: Home for Mentally Challenged 27th Nov, 2019.. Purpose of the visit was to have a holistic and all-round growth and development of law students. Possessing knowledge about something and practically experiencing the same are two entirely distinct things and both demand expertise in their individual capacity. Also, after this visit, they were able to understand their problems closely and accordingly identify the grey areas so as to bridge the gap between their actual problems and government policies for the overall development of this section of the society.
  • National Conference on “Gateway to Rights and Remedial Measures for People with Different Needs: Past, Present and Future” on 21st & 22nd March, 2019. The Conference was aimed to bring from past to present practices in the disability sector and particularly in the context of the current legislation and policy framework to understand the current diverse needs of the population of persons with disability. This would have enabled professionals to empower PWD as well as design intervention strategies for them with a rights-based approach. (Unfortunately, this Conference was cancelled due to sudden imposition of COVID pandemic lockdown.)
  • Guest lecture on “The Decriminalization of Section 377 and the LGBTQIA+ Community in India'' by Prof. Dr. R. Raj Rao,Retd. HOD of English Literature Dept, SPPU, activist, poet, writer and academician.
  • Webinar on "Law and Identity: How can decriminalization of Section 377 of Indian Penal Code Acquire Mainstream Relevance" by Prof. Dr. R. Raj Rao, Retd. HOD of English Literature Dept, SPPU, activist, poet, writer and academician.
  • In the honor of National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBTQIA+ awareness day was celebrated by arranging a session on “Out and Proud: Asking for Help Is a Sign of Strength”. The speakers for this session were Ms. Manasi Ranade,Consultant Psychologist, IPH, Pune, Ms. Dhanashree Ghare, Counselor, MM’sSCLC, Pune, and Mr. Sagar Barve, Gay Rights Activist, TCS, Pune.
  • On the birth anniversary of Louise Braille an annual World Braille Day is celebrated by arranging a talk on “Disability and Inclusion” by Tiffany Brar, Founder of Jyothirgamaya Foundation, Kerala and National Award Winner.
  • Webinar on “Coming Out of your Closet: Accepting LGBTQIA+” The speakers for this webinar were: Prof. Dr. R. Raj Rao, Retd. HOD of English Literature Dept, SPPU, activist, poet, writer and academician, Ashok Rowkavi, Founder of Humsafar Trust, Journalist, Administrator- Pride Initiative, Shobhna Kumar, Founder Queer Ink Ventures, Mumbai.
  • Initiated first of its kind Certificate Course “Law and Alternative Sexualities” for three months designed to address the fundamental problem that is lack of awareness and acceptance, anxiety, lack of education, guilt, confusion, hesitation to ask questions related to gender identity and many more. It will help not only in building awareness among our college students but also in fostering the free exchange of ideas which would further help in building a campus that welcomes diversity of opinion and people of all backgrounds. Also, legal and policy successes have set the stage for advances in programs and practices that will definitely foster LGBTQIA+ youth mental health.

Composition of the Cell:

Sr. No. Name of the Member Designation
i. Dr. Renu Naidu, Asst. Prof. of Sociology Chairperson
ii. Asst. Prof. Dr. Bhagwan Gawali Members
iii. Asst. Prof. Ms. Krushna Badade Members
iv. Librarian Ms. Seema Khadke Members
iv. Pranjal Kakani, B.A.LLB- IInd Yr Student volunteers
iv. Saanvi Sai, B.A.LLB- IInd Yr Student volunteers
iv. Rutika Jadhav, B.A.LLB- IInd Yr Student volunteers
iv. Yogeshwari Sirsikar, B.A.LLB- IInd Yr Student volunteers
iv. Ishan Belapurkar, B.A.LLB- IInd Yr Student volunteers

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