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Marathwada Mitra Mandal's

Shankarrao Chavan Law College, Pune

उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि | Accomplishments are made by efforts

Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Approved by Bar Council of India, Recognised by Government of Maharashtra &
Accredited with ‘A’ Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India (NAAC)


Marathwada Mitra Mandal, an emerging power in education, has made rapid strides, making all their institutions as one amongst all premier institutions in India. With the Mission ‘Quality education for Masses’, MMM has started Shankarrao Chavan Law College in the year 2003. The College is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, approved by Bar Council of India, recognized by Government of Maharashtra with an ISO Certification and accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC. And thus stands as one of the premier law colleges in India. As MMM’s SCLC aims to emerge as an Institution of Legal Education with student centred outcome which emphasizes the pursuit of excellence in legal fundamentals and preparation for professional practice. We, as an institution also wish to cross barriers of traditional teaching-learning methodology and want to give maximum exposure which is required for the students.

The idea to establish a Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in the College emerged with the implementation of National Education Policy 2020 in India, which by nature blurs the differences between various disciplines and offers flexibility in pursuing a degree, wherein a student obtains what s/he desires to learn.

On the backdrop of above discussion as per National Education Policy, 2020; Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies (CIDS) is an idea of exploring the nexus between law and other disciplines. It aims at studying and understanding the interconnections between law and other disciplines. It also aims at conducting research regarding various interdisciplinary studies.

Objectives of Centre:

  • To develop holistic and multidisciplinary approach in legal education
  • To focus on innovations in legal education which will make legal education interesting for students.
  • To understand the nexus between law and other faculties of education.
  • To address the challenges across social sciences and research in relation with law.
  • To promote inter-disciplinary thinking among students.
  • To promote Indian Traditional Knowledge and its significance/importance in relation with legal education.
  • To provide a forum for discussion, debate and interaction among all stakeholders in interdisciplinary research.
  • To build collaborative networks of researchers, policy-makers and citizens nationally and internationally.
  • To disseminate our findings and views through publications.

Activities through Centre

  • Jidnyasa: – As far as New Education Policy 2020 is concerned, it lays down the notion of a ‘knowledge of many arts’ or what in modern times is often called the ‘liberal arts’ (i.e., a liberal notion of the arts) must be brought back to Indian education, as it is exactly the kind of education that will be required for the 21st century. Considering this aspect of education; Marathwada Mitra Mandal ShankarraoChavan Law College’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies seeks to explore Indian traditional Knowledge in innovative way i.e. Jidnyasa. This is an experiment/innovative idea in the field of education and a unique annul culturacademic activity which explores Indian
    Traditional Knowledge in relation with Law. An objective of Jidnyasa is to imbibe Indian culture and values in younger generation of India and also to understand Indian Jurisprudence. Bharud, Pravachan, Kirtan were effective modes of creating awareness in society and thus that is the cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Even after the development in technology and emergence of social media; these modes are effective in creating awareness and imbibing values among young generation. Thus, Jidnyasa is unique in a sense of protecting cultural heritage of Maharashtra. Secondly, it is culturacademic i.e. combination of culture and academics in Legal fraternity by which young generation may feel the era in which above-mentioned modes were only the ways to create awareness.
  • EkSanvaad: – “EkSanvaad…” is the programme of Interview in which experts having vast experience in socio-legal issues are invited. Unique work of these resource persons encourage and enlighten students to know ground realities in society for conducting effective inter-disciplinary social research. The guest resource persons will be the role models for the students to pursue their dreams in their life.
  • Publication of Edited Book: -Centre publishes edited books on various contemporary issues having interdisciplinary approach. Till the date, the centre has published two edited books.


Dr. Pratik Salgar,
Co-ordinator, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies


Contact Details

Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies: cids@sclc.edu.in



Outcome of Activities through Centre

  • Through Jidnyasa, students could understand the nexus between Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems and Law.
  • Through EkSanvaad, students understood the ground realities in society through interaction with stalwarts. Also, as an institution we were able to put role model in front of students which will enable them to develop their personality.
  • Students and stakeholders have contributed through chapters for edited book which is good sign of interdisciplinary research in contemporary era.

Activities Conducted

1. Jidnyasa
a. Edition 01: “Jidnyasa 2022: Bridge Lecture Series on Mahabharata and Law”
05 th September 2022 to 08 th September 2022 Guest Speaker: Samarth Bhakta Shri MakarandBuvaRamdasi

Theme for Jidnysa-2022 was Mahabharata and Law wherein sub-themes are Inroduction to Mahabharata, KanikNiti, Vidur Niti and Krishna Niti. The Speaker is Eminent Pravachankar Hon’ble MakarandbuvaRamdasi.

Links and QR Codes of “Jidnyasa 2022: Mahabharata and Law”
Day 01: Introduction of Mahabharat
Day 01 Part 01 https://youtu.be/nvWfPG5No4w Day 01 Part 02 https://youtu.be/T-st1WRv8yQ
Day 02: Kanikniti and Law
Day 02 Part 01 https://youtu.be/ECyDriOTIXU Day 02 Part 02https://youtu.be/aJdVlkTdBuM
Day 03: Vidurniti and Law
Day 03 Part 01 https://youtu.be/DtSPgHvh-TM Day 03 Part 02 https://youtu.be/2dWG5uct69U
Day 04: Krishna Niti and Law
Day 04 Part 01 https://youtu.be/p5wJMO8qvZA Day 04 Part 02 https://youtu.be/wDprbKbvx28

b.Edition 02: “Jidnyasa 2022: Bridge Lecture Series on Ramayana and Law” 25th September 2023 and 26th September 2023Guest Speaker: Samarth Bhakta Shri MakarandBuvaRamdasi

Theme for Jidnysa-2023 is Ramayana and Law wherein sub-themes are Inroduction to Valmiki Ramayana, Family System and Contemporary Society, State Administration in Ramayana and Developed Technology in Ramayana. The Speaker is Eminent Pravachankar Hon’ble MakarandbuvaRamdasi.

Links and QR Codes of “Jidnyasa 2023: Ramayana and Law”
Topics for Day 01: (a) Introduction of Ramayana (b) Ideal Family System in Ramayana and Contemporary Society
Day 01 Part 01https://youtu.be/JaGi2U2pcns Day 01 Part 02https://youtu.be/2oPJO56ZnC4
Day 02: (a) State Administration in Ramayana and Contemporary Administrative System (b) Developed Technology in Ramayana
Day 02 Part 01 https://youtu.be/019FDud7zko Day 02 Part 02 https://youtu.be/P2YHSQ-AS-E

a.Edition 01 (2022-23): “EkSanvaad…: Interview of Padmashri Dr. RavindraKolhe and Dr. SmitaKolhe” on 13th August, 2022

Dr. RavindraKolhe and Dr. SmitaKolhe are Indian social activists and doctors working for tribal people in remote village areas of Bairagarh in Melghat region of Amravati district in Maharashtra. They have been actively working in Bairagarh area since 1985. They charged a nominal fee of ₹1 for treatment and also run a Government ration shop. Apart from medicinal help, the couple also makes general awareness campaigns for the tribals. The works of Kolhe couple has resulted in reduction of infant mortality rate from 200 per 1000 to 40 and pre-school mortality rate from 400 per 1000 to 100.

Youtube Link and QR Codehttps://youtu.be/AxUWGn9HEBg

b.Edition 02 (2022-23): “EkSanvaad…: Interview of PadmashriSudharakOlwe” on 09th March, 2023

Sudharak Olwe has been a Mumbai-based photojournalist since 1988 and has worked as a press photographer with some of the leading newspapers in India. Sudharak has travelled the length and breadth of this nation and seen first-hand some incredible stories of resilience, courage and change. Sudharak’s photography is that of empathy. It is a journey into the unseen perspective of the human condition. His photography cuts across all barriers and presents to you a moving story of individuals and communities.

Youtube Link and QR Codehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upo3NZD59f0&list=PL7Dqioy5szPc4H2C1Rhor8lbybcskYqtS&index=10
Padmashri Dr. Ravidnra and Dr. Smita Kolhe Padmashri Sudharak Olwe
Padmashri Padmaja Phenani-Jogalekar Ek-Sanvad

Publication of Edited Book:

a.Publication of edited book Titled “Mahabharata: An Instrument for Indianising Socio-Legal Approaches (ISBN 978-93-5759-905-4)”

b.Publication of edited book Titled “Ramayana: An Instrument for Indianising Socio-Legal Approaches (ISBN 978-93-5980-554-2)”

Book Unveiling Ceremony on 09th March 2023 in the hands of PadmashriSudharakOlwe, Dr. KrantiDeshmukh (Principal, MM SCLC), Dr. Pratik Salgar (Co-ordinator, CIDS) and Researchers

Names of Prominent Guests visited our college:

a.Padmashri Dr. RavindraKolhe and Dr. SmitaKolhe (13th August, 2022) b.PadmashriSudharakOlwe (09th March, 2023) c.PadmashriPadmajaPhenani-Jogalekar (27th October, 2023)

Name of Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Pratik Salgar