Film Society

About the Film society:

The Film Society was established by the college in the academic year 2016-2017. The Film Society was established to increase the horizon of the students The Films will enhance not only observation skills, interactive skills but also general awareness among the students. It is a platform that complements classroom curricula and highlights legal, social and civil issues.

Objectives of the film society:

The films society will be designed to raise awareness about social and legal issues and inspire people to action, etc. The object behind establishing this society is to:

    • Entertainment with an opportunity to improve and explore
    • Socializing activators
    • Lesson of teamwork
    • Movies stir the observation
    • Showcase of world’s Art & culture
    • Films educate because film are mirrors to society
    • Films inspire the students.
    • To Educate the students
      • It will encourage the students to think and create an opinion on the different issues which is vital for the law students.
      • Promote the culture i.e. discussing, learning and debating on different subjects among the students.


    Screening of Films:

  • The films society will shown documentary films, motivational films, news clips, autobiographies & speech of eminent personalities which comprises the areas such as legal, social, communication, politics, cultural etc. Documentary & motivational films, news & other clips, autobiographies & speech of eminent personalities.

    Film Society Committee-  (2018-2019) :

    1.  Dr  Kranti Deshmukh  Chairman
    2.  Asst. Prof Monisha Sehrawat   Film Society-in charge
    3. Asst. Prof Dr. Vikas Bhatnager  Faculty Member
    4. Mr Satyajeet Karalepatil Student Member
    5. Ms Aparna Dwaivedi Student Member

Academic year- 2018-2019:

The Film Society had invited the Help Age India (NGO) for screening of the movie Clips. The movie clips showcased “the problems faced by elderly persons/ senior citizens and old age parents.”

About the Film:

The film clips’ highlighted the problems faced by the old age parents and senior citizens. The series of films were based on the loneliness; hunger and struggle of elder people with their children. In the 1st film, named as Pizza Boy, a wheel chair bound old man locked the door and threw away the key when the pizza boy entered in his house to have a company with him for a moment whereas in the 2nd film Paradise, a well-dressed old age person came to a girl who feeding pigeons, ask for the pigeons food. He took the food from girl and ate that hiding behind a pillar. In one of the clip a senior citizen made the very strong statement that “we are still alive not dead”.  This made the students rethink about the elder people and about their dull life. These movies left a great impact on the students’ minds.

After the Film:

Eminent Advocate Mr. Rajan Deshpande, talks about the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007”. And he also has thrown light on the fact that despite of the passing of the act still the face of the problem is acute in the court. Mr Rajeev Kulkarni, shared his few experiences regarding the same problem. One of the students who have done his internship with Helpage also shared his experience. Many students also shared their views and shown the interest to work for the elder people. Mr Sattyajeet K Patil- Student Member of the film society presented the vote of the thanks.

Academic year- 2017-2018:

In the academic year 2017-2018, two films were shown to the students namely “Iron Lady”:Muniba Mazari (First wheelchair Model and UN’s Goodwill Ambassador) and How to crack world’s toughest examinations: Dr Roman Saini (one of the youngest IAS officers). Both were the motivation films yet talked about two different aspects of life.

First one was how to deal with physical incapability’s of woman who talk about her journey from wheelchair to UN’s good will Ambassador. And other deals with how to come over mental fears, Dr Roman Saini laid emphasizes on the importance of being risk friendly.

Dr. Roman Saini (one of the youngest IAS officers)

           “Iron Lady”:Muniba Mazari (First wheelchair Model and UN’s Goodwill Ambassador)

Academic year – 2016-2017:

In the academic year 2016-17, one film was shown i.e.  “From Acid Attack to Sheroes Hangout”:-Laxmi Agarwal was attached by her friend’s brother for rejected his marriage proposal. While recalling the event both before and after her attack, she talks about variety of issues – from social justice to education.

“From Acid Attack to Sheroes Hangout”:-Laxmi Agarwal