College Development Cell:

IntroductionLaw is professional course  therefore  Practical training and Theoretical exposure is essential for the Law students. Law students must undergo for career guidance , value added course, soft skill development and personality development programmes.

In view of this , Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s Shankarrao Chavan law college, Pune has constituted Development cell for arranging various activities , guest lecture, workshop etc.

Objectives of the cell-

  1. Cell has arrange guest lecture on various topics like Career guidance, value added course.
  2. Cell shall arrange personality development and soft skill programmes.
  3. Cell shall arrange special English remedial coaching for students.
  4. Cell should provide guidance on competitive examination.
  5. Cell shall establish Consultancy centre to solve problems related to Marriage ( Family counseling centre)
  6. Cell shall establish Placement cell for enhancing career opportunity for students.
  7. Cell shall arrange special programme for physical training and health.

Composition of the cell-

SR.NO Member Name Designation
1 Dr.Kranti Deshmukh Principal
2 Prin. Bhausaheb Jadhav Chairman of Management
3 Shri.K.H.Mungle Secretary
4 Asst.Prof.Dr.Bhagwan Gawali Teacher
5 Asst.Prof.Dr.Vikas Bhatnagar Teacher
6 Asst.Prof.Revati Naik Women Teacher
7 Asst.Prof.Swapnil Sagane Teacher
8 Asst.Prof.Pradip Tambe Co- Ordinator
9 Mrs.Supriya Kumkale Non Teaching Employees
10 Shri.V.V.Shahapurkar Local Member
11 Adv.Dr.Sureshchandra Bhosale Local Member
12 Dr.Vishwambhar Choudhari Local Member
13 Shri. Aniruddha Kulkarni Local Member

Center for Advanced Legal Research and Training

Capsule Courses to enhance Legal Skills

Academic Year 2016-17

With the intention of crossing the barriers of traditional teaching, learning methodology and specifically to bridge the gap between theory and practice, SCLC this year established the Centre for Advanced Legal Research & Training. The center is established with the objective of catering specific needs of our students.

Following are the some of the objectives of center:-

  • To undertake, arrange, encourage, supervise, provide facilities for promoting and assisting research, enquiry and discussion with respect to various aspects of law
  • To collect and disseminate knowledge of legal awareness
  • To publish magazines and periodicals to further various objects of the center
  • To start and run various diploma and certificate courses in various subjects of law as well as allied disciplines with a view to provide specialized knowledge

In this academic year this centre introduced the capsule course comprising of five modules-

  • Personality Development & Communication Skills
  • Legal research
  • Litigation
  • Training for Corporate/ Legal Services
  • Competitive Examinations- Judiciary & others

Method of conducting the Course:-

  • The detailed procedure for conducting this module is prescribed and communicated to students well in advance. Maximum permitted strength for one batch of each module is only 30 students.
  • For conducting this modular courses participative learning method of workshop is selected. Each module comprises of three workshops, in which experts form concerned field students.
  • Evaluation of the student admitted to the module is done on the basis of various criteria such as activities completed by the student in the workshop ,assignment furnished by him and his or her attendance etc. After the conclusion of the course, certificates are awarded to students with grades received by them.

Modules conducted: – In the academic year 2016-2017 as the admissions received for the ‘Legal Research’ were only 6 in number, these admissions with the consent of students were transferred to the Litigation module. Thus this year, the center conducted three modules.

  • Personality Development and Communication Skills
  • Litigation
  • Judicial and Competitive Services
  • Personality Development and Communication Skills:-

In the module of Personality Development and Communication Skills 30 students took admission. This course received overwhelming response from students of first year LL.B.

Following is list of contents of this module

  • Self –analysis through SWOT and self assessment
  • Goal Settings and Time Management
  • Effective Communication and Influencing Skills
  • Communication Skills- Verbal and Non- Verbal
  • Business Communication
  • Stress and Conflict resolution Management
  • Team Building Process
  • Posture, Confidence and Vitamin H
  • Mooting for developing Communication Skills

For delivering these contents experts were invited and following is the list of resource persons along with the topics on which they extended their guidance-

Sr. No. Name of the  Resource Person Topic of Guidance
1. Dr. Dhanashree Ghare Success and Comfort
2. Dr. Dhanashree GhareS Vision and Goals
3. Ms. Zenobia Merchant Communication Skill
4. Ms. Zenobia Merchant Communication Skill – Non Verbal
5. Ms. Zenobia Merchant Posture, confidence and Vitamin H
6. Mr. Prasanna Patankar and Ms. Smita Kulkarni Importance of Physical Fitness for developing your personality
7. Dr. Jayashree Phadanvis Self Analysis And Communication Skills
8. Ms Rutuja Mehendale Communication in Corporate World
9. Adv. Ashutosh Naik Mooting-an instrument of personality development and understanding Important  concepts
10. Ms. Ujawala Sakhalkar Drafting Memorial
11. Dr. Atmaram Shelke Jurisdiction of Constitutional Court
12. Mr. Rahul Bibve Use of information communication tools in research
13. Mr. Swapnil Bhamre How to use ‘ Manupatra’


  1. Litigation:-

With the objective of enabling our students to have hand on training regarding the court practices and procedure, the center designed the module on Litigation- Civil. In this module one case is given to students along with the documents. They were given specific training regarding Rules of pleading, drafting of plaint and Written Statements, framing of issues, taking examination in chief and cross examination and Judgment analysis. For this module 30 students were admitted and they completed this module successfully.

Course Contents:-

  • Pleadings & its Essentials
  • Sequential Steps for filing a suit in the Civil Court
  • Drafting of Plaint
  • Drafting of Written Statement
  • Framing of Issues
  • Drafting witness affidavit
  • Examination in chief
  • Art of Cross Examination
  • Advancing Arguments
  • Judgment Writing

For delivering these course contents following resource persons were invited

Name of Resource Person Topic of Guidance
Dr. S.V. Abhang Pleadings and its essentials
Dr. S.V. Abhag Sequential Steps for filing a suit in the Civil Court


Dr. S.V. Abhang How to draft Plaint & Written Statements’


Adv. Promod Bendre  Ascertaining material Facts and using them in Pleadings
Adv. Shrikant Kanetkar Basic Rules of Civil Drafting’
Adv. Kedar Dhongde Framing  of Issues
Adv. Kedar Dhongde Drafting of Witness Affidavit
Adv. Pritesh Deshpande Examination in Chief
Adv. Pritesh Deshpande Art of Cross examination
Adv.  Pallavi Suryavanshi Advancing arguments
Adv.  Pallavi Suryavanshi Judgment Writing


  • Judicial And Other Competitive Examinations:-

For encouraging our students to appear for competitive examinations and help them for achieving success in it, the center has designed this module. For the purpose of the effective delivery of its contents, the college has collaborated with Pune Institute For Administrative Carriers runned by Pandurang Kotule. This module was conducted only for final year students and no fees were charged for it. Thirty students completed this module successfully.

Course Contents:-

  • Introduction to Competitive Examination
  • Introduction to General Studies Papers
  • Dealing with General Studies
  • Essay Writing
  • Law in various Services
  • How to chose optional for UPSC examinations
  • Introduction to C-SAT Paper
  • MPSC General Studies
  • Interview techniques and Personality Test
  • Preparing for Judicial Services

All contents except ‘Preparing for judicial services’ were taught by Mr. Pandurang Kotule along with his efficient team members.

For the topic ‘ Preparing for Judicial Services’ we along with experts  invited our alumni who have joined judiciary for imparting guidance to our students.

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Name of the topic
1. Mr. Avdhoot Babar Preparing for J.M.F.C. and its eligibility criteria
2. Ms. Varsha Virari How to handle your success and failures
3. Adv. Pritesh Deshpande What to focus on when you appear for prelims
4. Mr. Avdhoot Babar Equipping yourself for mains
5. Ms. Varsha Virari Interview techniques
6. Adv. Pritesh Deshpande Realizing your dream


This year in all these modules conducted by the Center for Advanced Legal Research and Training 90 students participated and completed their respective modules. Further various distinguished personality from different fields visited the institute, had interaction with the staff and students. This interaction and guidance will definitely become helpful in the future endeavor of the center. This center is an attempt to provide opportunities for overall development of students and make them acquainted with skills and process which are required in this noble profession.  The overwhelming response of students for these modules has become a motivation for future plans of this centre to take these students centric activity to the higher level and act as a catalyst for nurturing the future lawyers.
Dr. Dhanashree Ghare ,renowned expert on communication skills guided students on the topic ‘ Vision & Goals’


Mrs. Dhanashree Ghare while guiding students

Mr.Prasanna Patankar, reputed fitness trainer & dietitian Shared with students, importance of physical fitness in development of personality. They gave valuable tips regarding diet & exercise need to be done by students.


Dr.Kranti Deshmukh, Principal of SCLC felicitating resource persons

Mrs.Jayashree Fadnavis, principal director of Designer Learning School guided students on ‘Self Analysis & Communication Skills’


Dr. Jayashree Fadnavis, addressing students

Adv Rujuta Mehendale, partner of legal firm ‘Legal Logic’ interacted with students and guided them regarding the preparations required to be made for availing opportunities in the corporate world.

While conducting the module of Litigation & Practical Procedure the centre invited the legal luminaries for giving guidance to students.

Adv Shri dattaprasad Abhang, partner of law firm ‘ Legal Credence ‘ delivered the lecture on ‘ How to draft Plaint & Written Statements’

Adv Promod Bendre , eminent lawyer from pune was a resource person of the session ‘Ascertaining material Facts and using them in Pleadings’

Adv.Shrikant Kanetkar,renowned lawyer having outstanding experience of civil litigation guided students on ‘Basic Rules of Civil Drafting’


Adv. Shrikant Kanetkar while delivering lecture

The center for Advanced Legal Research and Training is an attempt to provide opportunities for overall development of students and make them acquainted with skills and process which are required in this noble profession. The overwhelming response of students for these modules has become a motivation for future plans of this centre to take these student centric activity to the higher level and act as a catalyst for nurturing the future lawyers.


Adv. Abhang & Adv. Shrikant Kanetkar who visited SCLC for addressing the session of Module

Mrs Zenobia Merchant enlightened students on the topic ‘Non verbal Communication Skills, Posture, Confidence & Vitamin H’


Students of module along with Mrs. Zenobia Merchant


Students of module along with Mrs. Zenobia Merchant