About the Cell

Shankarrao Chavan Law College has always given importance to the concern for human rights which is deeply rooted in the Indian Constitutional system. With this background, the college took this opportunity to inaugurate the Cell for Human Rights Activities (CHRA) on 15th December, 2012 by the hands of Senior Advocate Shri Ram Jethmalani.

The college has been imparting human rights education to the students to promote dignity, tolerance and peace. Organization of “Human Rights Week” is an important activity of the college’s Academic Calendar every year for all the students of Law fraternity with the object of inculcating human rights values and sensitizes the students about promotion of human rights. Past Academic Years had witnessed Guest Lectures from eminent personalities associated with this field.

The intention behind establishing C.H.R.A is to develop social advocacy skills in students. It has been initiated as an Activity-Based Committee which shall be conducting and facilitating research and activities relating to the convergence of legal and social fields. It is an initiative of an informal group of students who are interested in promoting human rights amongst one and all.

Academic Year 2017-18:

The College celebrated the Human Rights Week from 11th December 2017 to 16th December 2017. It has started to sensitize and created awareness on many social and legal issues. The students of Law College actively participate in all activities. This year the college organized following activities:

  1. (Dr.) T.S.N. Sastri (Dept. of Law) Savitribai Phule Pune University has delivered a lecture on Human Rights. He shared his experience as researcher and a person who is involved educating the Indians on Human Rights.
  2. The college has organised an awareness rally in the Deccan Campus of Marathawada Mitra Mandal. The students have given good response to the rally. Under the guidance of faculty members, the students have shouted the slogan related to the Human Rights of different categories of weaker section of society. A group of students has performed a street play issues related to offences against women.
  3. The college has arranged a guest lecture by Social Activist Adv. Rama Sarode on the topic ‘Domestic Violence’.The lecture was arranged in Dnyaneshawar Hall and it was attended by large number of students. Adv. Sarode spoke on legislative framework of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005. She critically appreciated the law and shared her experiences with the students.
  4. Renutai Gavaskar interacted with students. She spoke on the topic ‘Importance of Social Commitment
  5. PosterMaking and Presentation was organised in the College and the students has given overwhelming response.
  6. Thegroup of students lead by faculty members visited the orphanage run by Ekalavya Naysa. They had interacted with students and also played some with them.

Academic Year 2016-17

The college has organised talks on the issues of Human Rights. Adv. AsimSarode and Mrs. Alka Joshi had addressed the faculty and students of the college.

  1. Eminent social activist Adv. AseemSarode, Pune delivered a lecture on the topic “Women & Law”. He shared the heart touching stories of human right violation of women.
  2. Social activist Ms. Alka Joshi interacted with students on the topic ‘”Women Empowerment”’. She answered queries of students and highlighted the need of concrete efforts to prevent the arbitrary enforcement of laws resulting in human right violations.
  3. H.R.A organized the poster making competition on the theme of “human rights of vulnerable group” for law students. There was a overwhelming response of students.
  4. The college has published C.H.R.A. Bulletin for the year 2016-2017.
  5. With the objective of creating among our student’s awareness and respect for human rights, the Cell has organized the visit to Maharshi Karve Stree Shikishan Sanstha, reputed institution in Pune which has made significant contribution towards women empowerment.
  6. The Students of SCLC organized a rally in the nearby residential area for sensitizing the residents about their basic rights.
  7. The cell has organised Poster Making Exercise on Human Rights Issues. The students have given overwhelming response to this activity
  8. In January 2017, as a participant in KirloskarVasundara International Film Festival the college have organized a talk on “The Dying Rivers of Pune: Causes and Solutions” by Mr. Sarang Yadwadkar.

Academic Year 2015-16

Human Rights week was celebrated by Cell for Human Rights Activities. The celebration took place from 10th to 16th December 2015. For the celebration of this week, many activities were organized by the cell.

  1. Eminent social activist RenutaiGavaskar from Eklavya Nyasa, Pune gave a lecture on “Human Rights of children.” While delivering lecture on the topic she has narrated her own experiences.
  2. The students raised a monetary fund and donated it to NAAM (which is led by film star- Nana Patekar and MakrandAnaspure), a well-known NGO working for farmers affected by draught.
  3. The poster making competition on the theme of human rights of vulnerable group for law students. There was an overwhelming response of students.
  4. Rally:- Students of SCLC organized a rally in the nearby slum area for sensitizing the residents about their basic rights.
  5. The college has published C.H.R.A. Bulletin for the year 2015-2016.

Academic Year 2014-15

Human Rights week was organized on 10thDecember to 16th December 2014. Many activities like poster paintings, Rangoli were responded with enthusiasm by the students.

  1. T.S.N. Sastry, Professor, Dept. of Law, University of Pune addressed the students and faculty on the topic “Children and Human Rights” (10th December, 2014).
  2. VivekVelankar, SajagNagarikManch, Pune spoke on “Human Rights and Right to Information” .
  3. Documentary screening on the topic of “Domestic violence in India” was arranged by the NGO Lokayat.
  4. Kiran Bedi, Former Police Officer spoke on “Women & Law” (16th December, 2014).

Academic Year 2013-14

  1. The college has organized Documentary Screening and guidance by an expert from Lokayat, Ms. Alka Joshi. Lokayat (Social Action Group).
  2. UlhasLuktuke is a renowned Psychiatrist in Pune who delivered lecture for students on ‘Nature of Man-Woman Relationship’.
  3. On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, Rashmi Oza, while speaking on ‘Women and Human Rights.’
  4. “Sex education- Need of the time” was the topic of Dr. Pankaj Joshi a young and dynamic urologist in Pune. Lack of sex education has a devastating impact not only on person but also on the society as whole.
  5. Documentary Screening and guidance on Issues in Human Rights by Mr. Alka Joshi, an expert from Lokayat- Social Action Group.
  6. During human rights week lecture by Dr.VijayaVanjape, a famous gynaecologist from Pune was arranged. She delivered lecture on ‘Gynecological Fitness – Issues and Solutions’.
  7. The college students visited the Snehalaya, a NGO from Ahmednagar District. The NGO is working for Child of Prostitutes (CoP).
  8. The untold story of plight of victims was unfolded by Dr.Satinath Sarangi, a human right activist on 22ndJanuary, 2014. He spoke on “Bhopal Gas Tragedy: 30 Years Later”.

Academic Year 2012-13

The college has organized the Human Rights week from 10th to 15th December 2012. Entire week we have conducted various activities like guest lectures, presentations on Human Rights, visit to NGO etc. Some of our students shared their experience of working with National Human Rights Commission.

  1. The College has organised a Guest lecture by Dr Anuradha Sahastrabuddhe on the topic ‘Children and Human Rights- Issues and Challenges.’
  2. A group of students lead by faculty members visited the NGO Hope house. The NGO is working for the orphan children.
  3. The college has established a Cell for Human Rights Activities (CHRA) at the auspicious hands of Adv. Ram Jethmalani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India.
  4. The college has also published C.H.R.A. Bulletin, a student’s run annual socio-legal periodical on (inaugural issue).

The object behind passing the Cell is very noble. The college wanted to create awareness amongst the students and sensitize them about regular and gross violation of Human Rights all over world. The cell organised many activities mentioned above throughout the year. The cell organises Human Rights week and provides an opportunity to the students to participants in the activities. The cell also publishes CHRA Bulletin every year.